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Demand U.S Congress and the Canadian House of Commons condemn Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Follow three simple steps:

  1. Find you House of Representative [USA] OR Member of Parliament [Canada]

  2. Find your Senator [USA] or Premier [USA]

  3. Call your House of Representative and your two Senators [USA] or your Member of Parliament and Premier [Canada] using the phone script provided.

Steps 1 and 2: Calling U.S. Congressional Representatives and Senators

Find your U. S. of House of Representative by using the link below:

➢ Find Your Representative | and enter your ZIP Code.

➢ Write down the name and phone number of your House of Representative.

Find your U.S. Senator by using the link below:

➢ Find your Senator |

➢ From the drop down select your state.

➢ Write down the name and phone number of your two Senators.

Calling Canadian Members of Parliament and Premiers Find your Canadian Member of Parliament (MP) by using the link below:

➢ Enter your postal code. Click on the MP to get contact information.

➢ Write down the name and phone number of your MP.

Find your provincial Premier by using the link below:

➢ Locate your Premier on the list of Premiers of Canada

➢ Write down the name, phone number and email address of your Premier

Step 3: Phone Script:

My name is <NAME> and I would like my representative to condemn in the strongest terms the attacks against the Amhara people by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali in Ethiopia. Prime Minister Abiy’s security forces have arrested over 10,000 journalists, civic leaders, activists, and civilians in Addis Ababa alone. Since April 2nd, Amharas across the Amhara Region began peaceful protests and civil disobedience against the apartheid regime and in response, security forces have opened fire on peaceful protesters killing civilians in various towns. In addition to this, in Oromia Region, the security forces of Prime Minister Abiy and Regional President Shimelis Abdisa and the Oromo Liberation Army have killed thousands of Amhara civilians and displaced over 1-million from the Oromia Region to the Amhara Region. I am asking my representative to issue a statement condemning Prime Minister Abiy, Regional President Shimelis Abdisa, and the Oromo Liberation Army, and demand the government hold perpetrators of atrocities accountable, and stand on the side of innocent victims.

Please call EVERYDAY and share the script with family and friends!!!!

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