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About us

Our Mission

Our organisation has a mission to advance the political & humanitarian interests of the the Amhara people of Ethiopia.

We will work to build a strong, democratic and stable Ethiopia by utilizing our global network and engaging with likeminded Ethiopians & international organizations.

It's our duty to  inform, organize, and empower Amharas in America  to ensure  the safety, security, and wellbeing of Amharas.

What are we about?

Our Motivation

Amharas are a people of rich history. One which is intertwined into the very fabric of Ethiopian society. Throughout history, the common Amhara has stood by their country men during times of hardship - from brutal regimes to political crises. But since the establishment of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), the Amhara people have been labelled an "enemy" and a threat that must be suppressed.

Millions of Amharas suffered unconscionable human rights abuses across Ethiopia under the authoritarian, ethno-nationalist TPLF regime. These abuses were exacerbated in areas such as Welkait & Raya, lands which were forcefully and illegally annexed by the TPLF, in order to consolidate their fragile hold on these stolen lands. From widespread ethnic cleansing and extrajudicial imprisonment to brutal torture and systematic poverty, Amharas suffered what could only be described as a genocide. 

The Amhara Association of America was established with the vision of ending the suffering of Amhara people across Ethiopia, by magnifying their voices.  Will you stand with us? 


Our Activities

The Amhara Association of America (or AAA) are advocating for Amharas, as well as other suffering Ethiopians, by:

Organizing ethnic Amharas in America into a strong and vibrant community capable of contributing to the Amhara people in Ethiopia and facilitating change through advocacy and diplomatic pressure.

Engaging policy makers, members of Congress, human rights organizations, and media agencies to inform them on the humanitarian crisis Amharas are facing in Ethiopia.

Supporting Amharas in Ethiopia impacted by targeted violence, displacement, imprisonment, and the countless massacres from Metekel to Wollega to Maikadra and all over our country.

Providing social opportunities and assistance to Amharas in America through programmes such as እድር (Idir), social networking and supporting career opportunities.

Collaborating & coordinating with other Amhara civic organizations on mutual projects to ensure our voices are even louder.

Our Vision

To end the suffering & sidelining of Amharas across Ethiopia, giving our people a voice.

What do we do?
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