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Amhara Fano in Gonder Release Statement Calling for Protection of Refugees and Humanitarian Workers

Disclaimer: AAA is a U.S. based NGO that documents human rights violations in the context of conflict, violence and political repression. One of AAA's core activities is also to educate policymakers, journalists, researchers and other stakeholders with up-to-date information on developments in Ethiopia. AAA does not endorse any political parties or organizations based in the U.S. or Ethiopia.

Press Statement: Amhara Fano in Gonder Release Statement Calling for Protection of Refugees and Humanitarian Workers

Date: 21/06/2024

Press Release

Subject: Refugees and humanitarian workers must be protected

The Amhara Fano in Gonder (የአማራ ፋኖ በጎንደር) strongly condemns reported attacks, harassment, and related abuses targeting refugees and humanitarian workers across various sites in the NorthWestern Amhara Region. Based on internal investigations, these reprehensible acts have been carried out by security forces allied with the Prosperity Party regime, including regular army soldiers, militias, and the like, who often impersonate Fano and coerce refugees to accuse Fano under duress.

We understand that the dying Prosperity Party regime, in its desperation, has resorted to organizing imposters to commit criminal acts against the defenseless to smear the reputation of Fano freedom fighters and justify its genocidal siege against the Amhara people. Our forces are highly disciplined and have demonstrated adherence to international humanitarian laws through our conduct over the last 13 months of the war. In contrast, the regime’s forces have committed unspeakable atrocities against innocents in reprisal for their staggering losses on the battlefield.

As members of the Amhara people, we understand the realities of war, violence, and persecution, which have caused immense suffering to our families and communities. Our reason for fighting is to defend basic rights, human dignity, and freedom. Therefore, we would not wish to harm victims and survivors of violence, whether they are fellow Ethiopians or neighbors from Sudan, Eritrea, or any other country. We are fighting for peace and security and sincerely wish the same for our neighbors.

In principle, we, as Amhara Fano in Gonder, firmly believe that refugees, humanitarian workers, and civilians must be protected by international humanitarian law. We are fully prepared to work with international partners in conducting independent investigations and delivering much-needed humanitarian assistance to those in need in areas under our control, liberated from the Prosperity Party regime.

Baye Kenaw (Major), Chair

Amhara Fano in Gonder.

ባየ ቀናው (ሻለቃ)፤

የአማራ ፋኖ በጎንደር ዋና ሰብሳቢ።

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