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BBC Amharic - Funeral Processions Were Held in Gonder for Fano Members Killed in Addis Ababa in Absence of Their Remains

Disclaimer: This is an English translation of an Amharic article taken from BBC Amharic and is intended solely for information purposes.

BBC Amharic - Funeral processions were held in Gonder for Fano members killed in Addis Ababa in absence of their remains

June 3, 2024

Funeral processions were held in Gonder for Fano members who were killed during a gunfire exchange with police in the Bole Millenium area of Addis Ababa city near the beginning of April (Miyazia), in the absence of their remains.

Police had reported that they intercepted the two men who they identified as Nahusenay Andargae and Abaenaezer Gashaw who were members of the Fano group which operates in Amhara Region and accused them of attempting to carry out “terrorist acts” in Addis Ababa city.

Following the death of the two young men their parents had traveled to Addis Ababa to retrieve their remains in order to carry out funerals and despite appealing to Federal Police and Addis Ababa Police they did not receive a response for over two months.

At the time mothers of both of the deceased expressed their sorrow to BBC saying though they had stayed in Addis Ababa for days with family members to receive the bodies they did not receive a response.

Today on June 3, 2024 (Ginbot 26, 2016 EC) the late Nahusenay Andargae was given a traditional funeral ceremony in the absence of his body in Gonder, and a large number of people attended according to one family member who spoke to BBC.

According to family members the late Abaenaezer Gashaw was previously given a funeral under similar circumstances, in the absence of his body.

On April 12, 2024 (Miyazia 4, 2016 EC) police had announced that the Fano group members Nahusenay Andargae, Abaenaezer Gashaw and Habtamu Andargae were killed during a gunfire exchange in Addis Ababa city after “security forces intercepted them as they were attempting to carry out terrorist acts.”

For a period of nearly two months their family members repeatedly appealed to police and federal government authorities however they did not receive any response they told BBC.

A relative of Nahusenay who opted for anonymity said they appealed to everyone from Addis Ababa Police to the Prime Minister’s Office but they did not receive any response.

In a few days it will have been two months. We went through great efforts. We lost hope after asking the Prime Minister’s office, Federal Police, Addis Ababa Police and not receiving a response.”

The family members of the two deceased who appealed to Federal Police and Addis Ababa Police in order to bury them, were told “this does not concern us.”

For this reason family members of the deceased decided to give their farewells and express their grief through the traditional “Demer” funeral procession

Today on Monday, June 3rd, 2024 (Ginbot 26, 2016 EC) a funeral procession attended by family members and others who came to mourn was held for the late Nahusenay Andargae in the Aba Jalae Teklehaymanot Church in Gonder city.

A family member and resident of Gonder city who opted for anonymity for their personal security told BBC there was a significant presence of national defense forces and Federal Police members.

According to the family member a significant number of people came to mourn and when they went to the church, “government security forces forcibly confiscated banners with photographs or the name of the late Nahusenay.”

The source explained, “before we reached Piassa square they told us to give up our banners and I willingly gave them mine, they took two banners. But outside of this nothing else transpired.”

The family member said the banner contained a depiction of Nahusenay, his full name and military rank, his date of birth and date of death

This family member added that Fano member Abaenaezer Gashaw who was also killed in Addis Ababa alongside Nahusenay was previously given a similar Demer funeral procession.

On April 12, 2024 (Miyazia 4, 2016 EC) during the gunfire exchange with police in the Millenium venue in Woreda 3 of Bole sub-city police had announced “Fano leader Nahusenay Andargae was injured and taken for medical care before he died, whereas Abaenaezer Gashaw was killed during the time of the gunfire exchange.”

In addition to the two who were killed in Addis Ababa was Habtamu Andargae who was a member of the group who was detained by police without sustaining severe injury, but during the period of the gunfire exchange one person was killed and two police members were injured.


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