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Demand Condemnation of TPLF Invasion in to Amhara Region and War Crimes

Dear Ethiopian-Americans,

We are asking you to call your Congressional Representative to demand condemnation of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) for the invasion, multiple massacres, sexual based violence, destruction of property, and displacements of civilian Amharas in Amhara Region.

Your advocacy can make a huge difference. Please give 45 seconds of your time and be their voice.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below and PLEASE make the calls EVERYDAY!!!!!

It only takes 45 secs!!!

Step 1: Find your House of Representative by using the below link:

Find Your Representative | and enter your ZIP Code.

➢ Write down the name and phone number of your House of Representative.

Step 2: Find your Senator by using the below link:

➢ From the drop down select your state.

➢ Write down the name and phone number of your two Senators.

Step 3: Call your House of Representative and your two Senators using the below Phone Script:

Hi, my name is <Name> and I live in <City, State>. I am calling because I am heartbroken by the military invasion of Amhara Region by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front also known as TPLF. A few days ago, the TPLF invaded into the North Wollo zone in Amhara Region again, killing civilians, looting and destroying property, and displacing thousands. In 2021, during the last large scale invasion of Amhara Region, the TPLF massacred thousands of civilians, raped thousands of Amhara women, and displaced millions. Presently, nearly 7 million Amharas need food assistance just to survive and are on brink of famine. The invasion by TPLF is causing a humanitarian catastrophe.

I am asking my representative <Name of your Representative> to denounce and condemn this military invasion by the TPLF into Amhara Region, killing thousands of innocent civilians, and holding millions of civilian Amharas hostage for their political agenda. I am afraid if these attacks are not condemned the war will continue resulting in more innocent people dead and displaced.

Please call EVERYDAY and share the script with family and friends!!!!

Note: even if your representative or Senator’s office does not pick up, please leave a message. Many offices are still working remotely due to covid-19.


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