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Call for phone campaign

Dear Fellow Ethiopian-Americans,

We are asking your help to call your House of Representative and Senators to condemn in the strongest terms Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Yilkal Kefale Aserse for the mass killings, arrest of politicians, journalists, military leaders, and students.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below and PLEASE make the calls EVERYDAY!!!!!

It is only 30secs long!!!


Step 1. Find your House of Representative by using the below link/button and enter your ZIP Code.

➢ Write down the name and phone number of your House of Representative.

Step 2. Find your Senator by using the below link:

➢ From the drop down select your state.

➢ Write down the name and phone number of your two Senators.

Step 3. Phone script. Please call your House of Representative and your two Senators.

Hi, my name is <Name> and I live in <City, State>. I am calling to ask my representative to condemn the targeted killings and mass arrests of Amharas by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and President Yilkal Aserse of Amhara Region. 17 Amharas were killed by security forces in an area called Mota on Friday and hundreds have been arrested including students, journalists, and oppositions political leaders. All dissenting Amhara voices are being rounded up. I would like my representative <Name of your Representative> to condemn this terror by government security forces against civilians and stand with the Amhara people.

Please call EVERYDAY!!!!

Note: even if your representative or Senator’s office does not pick up the call please leave a message.


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