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VOA Amharic - Residents of Korem And Ofla Woreda Say Tigray Militants Are Committing Human Rights Abuses Against Them

Disclaimer: This is an English translation of an Amharic report taken from VOA Amharic and is intended solely for information purposes.

VOA Amharic - Residents of Korem and Ofla Woreda say Tigray militants are committing human rights abuses against them

May 28, 2024

Mesfin Aragie

Residents of Korem town and Ofla Woreda say Tigray militants which recently took control of the areas are committing human rights violations against them including enforced disappearances and physical beatings. The Korem town administration said the residents’ appeal “is rightful”. The town’s mayor Birhanu Hailu explained in the past few days, four people were abducted and taken away to an unknown location and at least seven people were physically beaten and sustained injuries as a result.

The South Tigray Zone administrator Haftu Kiros however rejected the appeal calling it “false and baseless”. The administrator explained that Tigray militants were cooperating with relevant federal authorities to ensure that human rights violations do not happen.

As this has happened the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) party issued a press release on current affairs and accusing forces of the Tigray People's Liberation Front of forcibly invading Raya Woredas and areas surrounding Alamata city where it has committed acts of killing, displacement and looting.


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