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Prosperity Party Regime Forces Massacre at Least 17 People and Injure 2 Others in Jiga Town of Jabi-Tehnan Woreda

Prosperity Party regime forces massacre at least 17 people and injure 2 others in Jiga town of Jabi-Tehnan Woreda (West Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia)

Updated June 21st, 2024

Incident Overview

The Amhara Association of America (AAA) conducted a human rights investigation into the reported massacre in Jiga town of Jabi-Tehnan Woreda (West Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia). The investigation revealed that on June 16th, 2024, Prosperity Party regime forces [Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF)] brutally executed over 17 civilians and injured two others in Jiga town in reprisal for an attack by Amhara Fano freedom fighters (Fano).

Description of Incident

According to AAA sources, the massacre took place at around 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 16th and less than half an hour before the massacre, a group of Fano forces ambushed a regime convoy traveling from Dembecha to Jiga town on the outskirts of Jiga town,resulting in numerous casualties. After the brief exchange of gunfire had ceased, surviving regime soldiers, retaliated by targeting civilians in the Dembecha-Ber locality, particularly those gathered at the local Goh Hotel and its vicinity.

According to AAA sources, upon arriving at the scene, the soldiers gathered about 20 civilians, forcibly dragging them from the hotel and surrounding areas. After lining them up and forcing them to kneel on the asphalt near the hotel’s entrance, the soldiers executed them with automatic gunfire, killing and injuring nearly all of them. Among the victims was a bank employee who pleaded for his life, showing his identification card and identifying himself as a bank accountant, but the soldiers mercilessly shot him dead. One individual reportedly survived by pretending to be dead, covered by the corpses of the other victims. Additionally, two civilians were critically injured and are currently receiving treatment at Finote-Selam Hospital.

AAA has confirmed at least 17 killings and two injuries, though some reports suggest the death toll could be as high as 25. AAA’s investigation also found that among the victims were five bank employees and two public school teachers. At least two of the victims in the Jiga incident were employees of the local Abyssinia Bank branch. AAA sources have verified this information, and credible reports indicate that the bank sent an internal condolence message to its employees. The message stated that a branch manager and a junior officer were among those who died in the Jiga incident, including names and pictures of the deceased.

Another victim was a woman named Zinash, who suffered from mental illness and was deliberately shot and killed after the soldiers encountered her near the hotel. AAA sources also revealed that many of the victims were from neighboring woredas and had come to Jiga for work. Most of the deceased were sent to different areas for burial, while three,including the mentally-ill victim, were buried at the St. Selassie Church cemetery in Jiga town.

Below is a partial list of victims in the Jiga massacre incident:

Media Coverage

Additional reports from BBC Amharic confirm the tragic details of the incident, quoting numerous sources, including town residents and eyewitnesses who were close to the scene. According to BBC Amharic, a total of 23 people were killed, particularly those in the hotel and surrounding areas, including a mentally-ill woman in Jiga town. The report also mentioned that two other individuals were injured in this incident. Ethiopia Insider reported that at least 18 people were killed and 3 others injured by government security forces in Jiga town. The report also mentioned that public servants, teachers, and bank employees were among the deceased. According to VOA Amharic, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission’s Bahir Dar branch office acknowledged receiving information about the Jiga incident and stated that further details still need to be investigated by their officers. Mr. Abebaw Dessalegn, a member of the House of Peoples’ Representatives representing Jiga town, informed several local media outlets that he has received a confirmed list of 13 dead and two wounded, and he expects the death toll to rise.


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