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VOA Amharic - Innocent Civilians Killed in an Attack by Militants in Adarkay Woreda Disclaimer: This is an English translation of an Amharic article taken from VOA Amharic and is intended solely for information purposes.

VOA Amharic - Innocent civilians killed in an attack by militants in Adarkay Woreda

June 6, 2024

Mesfin Aragae

Before yesterday on Tuesday, militants from Tigray Region carried out an attack in Ali Tara Kebele of Adarkay Woreda in North Gonder Zone which resulted in deaths of civilians, property losses and looting according to local residents who spoke to Voice of America.

The attack resulting in casualties and property losses was said to have taken place in Adarkay Woreda according to residents who said the attack was carried out by “TPLF (Tigray People's Liberation Front) militants”.

Efforts to contact the TPLF spokesperson for comment were unsuccessful, however the Tigray Interim Regional Administration North and West Zone deputy administrator Kelali Hagazi said there was no attack carried out by forces from Tigray Region and said the Tigray Region bore no responsibility for the attack.


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