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DW Amharic - Malaria Outbreak in Gimbi Woreda

Disclaimer: This is an English translation of an Amharic report taken from DW Amharic and is intended solely for information purposes.

DW Amharic - Malaria Outbreak in Gimbi Woreda

April 19, 2024

The spread of malaria in Tole Kebele of Gimbi Woreda in West Wollega Zone has left more than 200 people infected, say residents. In the Tole area civilians were displaced around two years ago to Wollo and Debre Birhan where they stayed before they were returned in the beginning of the month of Yekatit 2016 EC (early February 2024).

Lack of medicine in the area has contributed to the suffering of a large number of people, explain residents. The zonal health office on its end acknowledged the presence of malaria in the area and said those who returned have been receiving medical attention for free. The office added professionals have been sent to the area from time to time to work on the issue.

Malaria causes causalties as medicine is in shortage

One resident said they stayed in Jara Camp in Wollo for two years before returning to Tole Kebele (Gimbi Woreda) in the beginning of the month of Yekatit 2016 EC (early February 2024) but that lack of a health center and of medicine has led to malaria causing casualties. They mentioned four out of nine of their family members contracted Malaria and are facing dire circumstances due to shortage of medicine. They explained it was costly to seek medical care from health centers located at farther locations.

Another resident who opted for anonymity said it had been two months since they returned to Tole in Gimbi Woreda and said more than 200 people had contracted Malaria. Medical professionals assigned to the area had provided care according to the resident who added medical supplies had been exhausted and people were suffering from malaria. Spread of malaria in Tole had never reached this level said another resident who added provision of sufficient medicine is needed.

Over 247 People Infected with Malaria in Tole Kebele 

West Wollega Zone Health Division Director Ato Solomon Chalae commented on this matter saying malaria cases have increased in Tole Kebele and that 247 cases of infection had been identified. The director said displaced persons had been provided with health professionals who provided free medical care since they returned and that medicine shortages could happen from time to time.

The area is hot and vulnerable to malaria. Regarding the maria cases we are providing care and have assigned professionals to the area. Medical services provided to the area may not be like a regular hospital or health center however even now the professionals are there providing care.”

Spread of malaria in West Wollega Zone has previously been reported. Especially between the months of Hamle and Nehase 2015 EC (July 8 - September 5, 2023), more than 500 cases of malaria were found in hospital per week across the zone, according to the zone’s health director.

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