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Press Statement - April 15, 2024

International Community Should Denounce TPLF and ProsperityParty Regime Assault on Amharas in Raya

The Amhara Association of America (AAA) has learned that today, April 15th, 2024, the

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has expanded its assault on the Amhara people

of Raya Alamata once again causing human casualties, a disastrous humanitarian

situation and risking escalation to war.

Reports from credible sources indicate the city of Alamata is encircled by the TPLF’s mechanized military force and that thousands of residents have been displaced from the Raya Alamata area southward towards Raya Kobo. As AAA has warned for years now, these assaults and the anticipated escalation to war by TPLF is endorsed and supported by the Oromo Prosperity Party regime under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who has ordered to effectively support the TPLF’s aggression. In addition, the invading TPLF have organized a Tigrayan administration to these areas that have been under effective Amhara administration. This development follows a secret agreement between the TPLF proxy Tigray Interim Administration under the leadership of Getachew Reda and the Prosperity Party regime including the Amhara Prosperity Party under Arega Kebede. This is the latest closed door dealing which undermines and endangers the interests and basic rights of the Amhara people of Raya who have long been victim to genocidal acts and made to live under apartheidstyle Tigrayan occupation. Though tragic, this was not unexpected as experts warned of the pitfalls of the exclusionary cessation of hostilities agreement or “war pact” signed in November 2022. It is particularly distressing that residents of Raya have yet to receive justice for atrocities committed during the Northern Ethiopia War which resulted in thousands of human casualties and property destruction as documented by AAA, various human rights organizations and media agencies. AAA believes the latest aggression by TPLF will further destabilize the country and exacerbate the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Amhara Region.

Therefore, AAA calls upon global leaders, rights groups and those with influence to pressure the Prosperity Party regime and TPLF to refrain from using force to pursue any claims they may have regarding administrative boundaries in the Raya area or elsewhere in the country.


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