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Global financial institutions should refrain from funding Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s genocidal war against Amharas in Ethiopia

Global financial institutions should refrain from funding Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s genocidal war against Amharas in Ethiopia

Ten months after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared war on the Amhara people implementing telecommunications, internet and electrical shutdowns, collective starvation, weaponized rape, and massacre of unarmed civilians as a strategy of war. As a result, causality recording from the Amhara Association of America (AAA) shows that in the first six months since the declaration of the State of Emergency in Amhara on August 4th, 2023, more than 1,606 civilians have been killed, at least 210 women and girls have been subject to rape, humanitarian aid has been blocked or limited, and the region is under telecommunications shutdown. These widespread atrocities have received growing attention and condemnation from human rights organizations and major western powers.

Abiy's reliance on ground forces appears to be faltering, leading to an increased deployment of drones and the air force which have attacked civilian targets on numerous occasions. However, this shift in tactics has strained foreign reserves, prompting Abiy's government to seek foreign aid and loans for additional weaponry and other forms of military assistance. In this context, AAA is aware as of the press briefing on March 7th, 2024 that an IMF delegation plans to travel to Ethiopia in the coming weeks, presumably to discuss potential financial arrangements for the Abiy regime under auspices of supporting “economic programs” and “reforms”.

AAA expresses dismay at the IMF's decision to consider funding the Abiy regime as the diversion of foreign currencies towards military endeavors is inevitable. We believe that providing financial assistance to the Abiy regime at this critical juncture would only serve to embolden and enable the brutal campaign against the Amhara populace. Any funds allocated to Ethiopia without stringent conditions and guarantees for the protection of human rights would effectively condone and facilitate the ongoing Amhara genocide. It is imperative for the IMF to uphold its commitment to human rights in accordance with the International Financial Institutions act, and to accountability by withholding financial support from entities engaged in genocidal actions. By denying financing to the Abiy regime, the IMF would send a strong message that the international community stands in solidarity with victims of aggression and opposes all forms of ethnic violence, persecution and discrimination.

Furthermore, we urge the IMF to leverage its influence and engage in diplomatic efforts to pressure the regime in Addis Ababa to immediately cease all hostilities against the Amhara people, ensure the safety and security of affected populations, and allow free and independent investigations into human rights abuses.


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