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Amhara civic organizations endorse Amhara People’s Negotiations Delegation

Statement from the Federation of Amharas in North America (FANA):

October 25, 2022 (Tikimit 15, 2015 EC)

The Amhara people who lack a government which can uphold its civic rights continue to find themselves being butchered and persecuted throughout the country. Those who offered their voices in service of and stood for the struggle for the survival of the Amhara people faced attacks, persecution and many thousands were imprisoned by the Amhara Prosperity Party (APP/ADP/ANDM), Amharas' own enemy within. The invading TPLF forces perpetrated three rounds of full scale invasion as if the perils of the last thirty years was not enough and when Amharas rose up to finally reinforce its defensive capabilities, APP once again acted in collusion with the forces working to make Amharas stateless in internationally mediated peace negotiations. Worldwide Amhara organizations which realized this advocated for Amharas to be represented by genuine delegates in any platform discussing the fate of Ethiopia. In accordance with this aim, Amhara delegates were selected to be part of these peace negotiations and issued a letter to the international community asking for this delegation to be included. We, the member organizations of the Federation of Amharas in North America regarding the selected delegation consisting of:

1. General Tefera Mamo

2. Dr. Dessalegn Chanie

3. Dr. Wondwossen Assefa

4. Mr. Tewodrose Tirfe

confirm that we are providing full support to the delegation.

Names of member organizations:

Amhara Association of America

Amhara Professionals Union

Amhara Association of Nevada

Amhara Association of Colorado

Amhara Association of Los Angeles

Amhara Association of California (San Diego)

Amhara Association in Georgia

Amhara Heritage Society of Minnesota

Amhara Association of Seattle

Amhara People’s Civic Organization

Amhara Association of Chicago

Washington Area Association of Amhara


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