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Emergency Ambulances Misused for Military, Leading to High Maternal and Infant Mortality in South Gonder

🚨#UPDATE: Between February 28th and May 13th, 2024, an estimated 286 mothers and 257 newborn babies have died from lack of timely medical treatment in just the South Gonder Zone (Amhara Region, Ethiopia). Almost all of the 86 ambulances in the zone designated for transportation of pregnant women during labor and emergency patients have been commandeered by regime forces for transportation of soldiers, ammunition and family members of Prosperity Party regime officials.

🚨#መረጃ: ከየካቲት 20 እስከ ግንቦት 5 ቀን 2016 ዓ.ም. በደቡብ ጎንደር ዞን አማራ ክልል ብቻ 286 እናቶች እና 257 አዲስ የተወለዱ ህጻናት በህክምና እጦት ምክንያት በዞኑ ሞተዋል:: በዞኑ ነፍሰ ጡር እናቶችን በምጥ ጊዜ እና የድንገተኛ ህመምተኞችን ወደ ሕክምና ለማጓጓዝ ተብለው ከተዘጋጁት 86 አምቡላንሶች በሙሉ ማለት ማለት በሚቻል ሁኔታ ወታደሮችን፣ ጥይቶችን እና የብልጽግና ፓርቲ አገዛዝ ባለስልጣናት የቤተሰብ አባላትን ለማመላለስ በአገዛዙ ተመድበዋል።


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