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DW Amharic - Tens of thousands are displaced from Alamata

Disclaimer: This is an English translation of an Amharic report taken from DW Amharic and is intended solely for information purposes.

DW Amharic - Tens of thousands are displaced from Alamata

April 16, 2024

Starting from last Saturday clashes reignited in areas bordering Amhara and Tigray and residents have begun being forcibly displaced. Tens of thousands of residents of Alamata town have been displaced to Kobo. This has been verified by the Raya Alamata Administration and by those displaced. The Tigray Interim Administration President said, “This is the work of diehard enemies of the Pretoria agreement.”

Last Saturday some residents of Raya Alamata and Korem were displaced from their homes following new clashes in some parts of Raya Alamata woreda according to displaced persons and the woreda administration.

Yesterday we had spoken to one of the persons displaced from Alamata city to Kobo city in North Wollo Zone. “Yesterday there was teaching, school and other office work but later on residents became frightened and left their homes towards Kobo, there was no one to even ask us where are you going? Where are you? As they left there were even some displaced people who were shot and killed and they didn't know where the shots came from.”

According to the displaced source, they were displaced and reached Kobo city where there was no one to help them and they were forced to spend the night in various places. According to the source many people spent the night on the streets while those who had some money arranged for a bed to spend the night, and merchants had increased prices for most goods.

Another resident who was displaced during the recent violence in Raya Alamata from Astamba, Garjelae Kebele to Kobo city had taken a vehicle and knew of others who were hurt on the roads. They said between 70 and 80 people were loaded onto one vehicle to leave the area.

Yesterday a person displaced from Korem town to Sekota, Wag Hemra Zone said though it was difficult to know how many people, a large number were displaced from Korem and they witnessed security forces forcibly return displaced persons.

The Wollo Amhara Identity and Border Repatriation Committee Head and Alamata city administrator Ato Hailu Abera said the “Pretoria agreement between the Ethiopian government and Tigray officials which stated problems would be resolved through the constitution” has been directly violated as Tigray militants have initiated war against us, and that tens of thousands of residents in Alamata area have been displaced to Kobo.

Tigray fighters have taken control of most areas in the woreda according to Ato Hailu and said they warned relevant authorities that there was risk of an attack but nobody listened which led to the current problem.

Ato Hailu added there had been no comment on the attack either from the federal or regional government. One resident of Kobo city told DW, “yesterday starting from 4 pm Kobo city became filled with displaced persons from Alamata.”

Tigray Interim Administration President Ato Getachew Reda commented on the development in a post on his social media page saying, “Developments in Southern Tigray-& other occupied territories of Tigray-are not about a conflict between the Federal Government & the interim Administration/or TPLF. Nor is this a conflict between Tigray & Amhara Administrations. This is the work of diehard enemies of the Pretoria agreement trying to take advantage of real or perceived differences to derail the rather cordial engagement both parties to the Pretoria agreement are making round the clock to make the Agreement work.”

Efforts to get comment from Amhara Region Peace and Security Bureau Head Ato Dessalegn Tassew were unsuccessful as he did not answer his phone. Amhara Region Government Communication Bureau Head Dr. Mengesha Fentaw responded as follows regarding a resolution to contested areas between Tigray and Amhara Regions.

Our people want peace, the Tigrayan people are our brothers and sisters, we will not enter into war again with our brother and sister people with whom we share a faith, culture, inter-marriage, and economic ties, therefore we want problems to be resolved through peaceful means, matters need to be seen through the Pretoria deal, we want the international community to know this.”

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