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Over 300 Civilians Killed by Shene Militants in Dera Woreda in a Span of Three Weeks

Disclaimer: This is an English translation of an Amharic report taken from Addis Maleda and is intended solely for information purposes.

In a span of three weeks, more than 300 civilians have been killed in Dera Woreda by Shene militants

Addis Maleda - Tuesday, October 24, 2023 (Tikimit 13, 2016 EC)

More than 300 civilians have been killed in Dera Woreda (North Shewa Zone, Oromia Region) by the Oromo Liberation Front Shene (Shene) which has been designated as a terrorist group by House of People's Representatives, according to local residents who spoke to Addis Maleda.

One resident of Dera Woreda who wanted to remain anonymous said, "in just three weeks more than 300 civilians have been killed by Shene militants." The resident said they could benefit this figure but the actual death toll is expected to be greater.

This reliable source stated they were following the situation closely and they had a list of more than 80 names of killed victims.

Other residents of the woreda on their end said the attacks began on October 8, 2023 (Meskerem 27, 2016 EC) and the attacks have continued up-to the time of this report.

The militants have taken control of more than 20 kebeles including Babu-Dirae, Amuma-Gundo, Juru-Dada, Menqata, Werae-Gebero and others according to local residents.

The armed group has requested up to one million birr in ransom for the return of abductees, and victims would be released after payment of the ransoms according to eyewitnesses. However Addis Maleda has been able to confirm that a large number of abductees were killed after their family members were unable to pay the ransom.

As the attacks have continued in the woreda, an unknown number of residential homes have been destroyed displacing more than 10,000 residents.

Another local resident said, "over the past week in Dera Woreda, in just one household, one 5-months-pregnant woman and her brother were killed by the militants".

The resident added, "the individual's four children and his five months pregnant wife were all killed" and the deceased woman's mother and others sustained injuries ranging in severity between mild and serious and are receiving medical treatment according to family members of the victims who spoke to Addis Maleda.

Efforts to contact Dera Woreda, North Shewa Zone and Oromia Region officials for comments on the matter were unsuccessful as they did not answer their phones.

Addis Maleda confirmed with the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) that it received information regarding the attacks carried out by militants in Dera Woreda.

The commission in their response said they received a report regarding the attack carried out by the militants and they were undertaking investigations on the matter.


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