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Concern Over Involvement of Tigray Forces in Sudan's Civil War

AAA expresses concern over reports of #Tigray People's Liberation Front (#TPLF) forces fighting alongside the Sudanese Armed Forces (#SAF) in the civil war in #Sudan which poses a significant concern for the safety of civilian populations in the region. Since early April 2024, TPLF forces alongside Abiy regime forces have carried out #ethniccleansing of tens of thousands of #Amhara civilians in Northern Amhara Region of #Ethiopia. During the Northern Ethiopia War, TPLF forces collaborated with the SAF, #Oromo Liberation Army, #Gumuz militants and others in violent invasions in Amhara and #Afar Regions during which they carried out multiple large-scale civilian massacres, weaponized gang rape of thousands of women, attacks on sites of worship and industrial-scale property looting and destruction. This development warrants concern from all stakeholders concerned for the safety of civilian populations and the collective security of the region.


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