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AAA Condemns Demolitions of Historic Addis Ababa Neighborhoods

AAA is deeply alarmed over recent mass demolitions of historic Addis Ababa neighborhoods including Arada (Piassa) and Arat Kilo by Mayor Adanech Abiebie's administration. Using the war in Amhara Region as a distraction, the Oromo Prosperity Party regime has continued its campaign of destroying Addis Ababa's rich cultural heritage, subjugating city residents and destroying their livelihoods. This is an extension of years of violent, discriminatory and racist policies from ethnic cleansing on the city outskirts (including Sheger), identity-based mass abductions of residents in concentration camps, deadly shootings of city residents, and desecrating sites of worship (including churches and mosques). These policies have targeted non-Oromo residents (particularly ethnic Amharas), followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the Islamic faith. In cognizance of the overwhelming Amhara majority in Addis Ababa, AAA reiterates its call for self-determination of the residents and an immediate Amhara administration of Addis Ababa city to end the racist Oromo apartheid status quo and establish self-administration for Addis Ababans as a temporary measure to safeguard the rights of all Addis Ababans.


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