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Drone Attacks Carried Out in Two Woredas of North Shewa Zone of Amhara Region, Say Residents Disclaimer: This is an English translation of an Amharic article taken from AI-Ain and is intended solely for information purposes.

Drone attacks were carried out in two woredas of North Shewa Zone of Amhara Region say residents

The attack was perpetrated in Kewet and Tarmaber Woredas and resulted in the killing of civilians

Al-Ain May 13, 2024

The two drone attacks targeted schools and teachers were among the victims, residents say.

Residents say drone attacks were carried out in two woredas of North Shewa Zone in Amhara Region.

Fighting between government security forces and Fano forces has marked one year and has yet to be resolved.

Residents told Al-Ain Amharic a drone attack was carried out in an area called Gulo in Tirae Kebele of Kewet Woreda in North Shewa Zone of Amhara Region.

A resident of Tirae Kebele who opted for anonymity out of concern for his security said, “yesterday on May 12, 2024 (Ginbot 4, 2016 EC) at 1:30 pm there was an intense explosion in our area. Local residents including myself went to the site of the explosion and we witnessed that the target of the attack was Gulo Primary School.”

The witness said, “three farmers immediately lost their lives from the drone attack and a female teacher residing in the school was injured and sent to hospital.”

I am aware of another farmer who sustained serious injuries under similar circumstances and was taken to hospital.” The eyewitness added that another farmer sustained light injuries.

According to the resident it has been over one year since fighting broke out between the government and Fano forces in the area, and on many occasions government security forces would show up and arbitrarily kill adolescent youth who they would accuse of supporting Fano.

According to this source, adolescent youth would run into the forests and hide whenever government security forces show up.

Similarly, in Tarmaber Woreda of the zone a drone attack was carried out on Mezezo Secondary School according to another resident who spoke to Al-Ain Amharic on condition of anonymity.

The resident said the drone attack resulted in human casualties.

The attack was carried out on May 13, 2024 (Ginbot 5, 2016 EC) at around 1 pm according to the resident who added they witnessed the injured victims being taken to a health center.

Efforts to get a response from the North Shewa Zone Command Post Head and ENDF on the alleged drone attacks were unsuccessful.

Over one year ago, after the Federal Government announced a decision to restructure regional special forces, fighting broke out in Amhara Region.

Fighting took place between government security forces and Fano forces and intensified which led to the government imposing a 6-month state of emergency in Amhara Region.

The state of emergency has been in effect since August 4, 2023 (Hamle 28, 2015 EC) and was extended for an additional four months, and is now three weeks from completion.

Repeated drone attacks in Amhara Region have killed unarmed civilians as cited in reports by various international rights groups including the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and various western countries.

Though these institutions and countries have called for an end to drone attacks and protection of civilians, Ethiopian National Defense Force Chief of General Staff Field Marshal Birhanu Jula stated the drone attacks would continue against desired targets in his response.


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