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Update on Developments in Ethiopia – June 6, 2023

Executive Summary

As of June 6th, 2023, the Oromo Prosperity Party regime has continued ethnic and

religious based attacks causing widespread civilian casualties in various parts of the

country, which has prompted condemnation from the public and various organizations.

  • The Oromo Prosperity Party-led Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) has continued its bombardment of civilian populations throughout Amhara Region and particularly in the North Shewa, South Wollo and East Gojjam Zones, after failing to neutralize Fano. Indiscriminate shelling has caused scores of civilian casualties and property destruction.

  • Amhara resistance has continued with protests across the Welkait Tegede Setit Humera Zone of Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Residents of multiple towns called for recognition of their Amhara identity and administration under the Amhara Region.

  • Amhara farmers continue protests in response to the government’s apparent withholding of critical farming supplies (e.g. seeds and fertilizer) which threatens creating a food and economic crisis in Amhara Region and elsewhere in the country.

  • Authorities arrest author, blogger and human rights activist Assaye Derbie.

  • Oromia Region forces and Addis Ababa security forces opened fire on unarmed civilians (Muslim worshippers) in front of the Grand Anwar Mosque for the second consecutive Congregational Prayers.

Compiled updates on various ongoing developments are available below.

Update on War in Amhara Region and Related Developments

According to various independent media outlets including Ethio-News, a grand rally

was held in all towns of the Welkait Tegede Setit Humera Zone (Amhara Region) on

June 4th, 2023 calling for an answer to the decades-old Welkait-Amhara identity


– Among the chants/messages heard at the rally were:

* Welkait-Tegede is the source of Amhara ancestry

* We have room for guests but not criminals

* We paid the price for our freedom, not to return to occupation

* We said we are Amhara, we didn’t say let us become Amhara

* The Welkait-Tegede Amhara question is absolutely just and legal

* We would not ask for what we do not deserve nor give up what is ours

* We need justice and reparations for the genocide committed against the

Welkait-Tegede Amhara people

* We are victims, not victimizers, we are massacred not massacring,

occupied not occupying, displaced not displacing

* It is not acceptable for victimizers to steal the tears of the victims!

* Our border with Tigray is the Tekeze (river)

– The protesters also condemned the recent report from Human Rights Watch which framed Amharas as perpetrators, while ignoring atrocities against Amharas including three decades of ethnic cleansing by TPLF against Amharas, as baseless and fabricated.

Since late May 2023, the Oromo ENDF has begun a new wave of military offensives throughout the North Shewa, South Wollo and East Gojjam Zones of Amhara Region which have led to widespread civilian casualties. Though federal forces have been unable to achieve any significant military victories against Fano forces, they have intensified attacks on civilian populations in the absence of any military targets. The federal forces in collaboration with local officials have also tried to compel locals to support their campaign to disarm and attack Fano however they have largely been met with refusal.


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