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Authorities Denied the Mother of Fallen Fano Nahusenay Andargae Her Request to Give Her Son a Proper Burial

#UPDATE: A powerful message from mother of fallen Fano Nahusenay Andargae, Woizero Haregweyn Adugna, who appeals to be allowed to give her son a proper burial but. Woizero Haregweyn traveled to Addis Ababa from Gonder to recover her son's remains but was denied by authorities.

#መረጃ: በቅርቡ የተሰዋዉ የፋኖ ናሁሰናይ አንዳርጌ እናት ወ/ሮ ሀረገወይን አዱኛ የልጃቸው ናሁሰናይን ሬሳ ለመውሰድ ከጎንደር ወደ አዲስ እበባ ከተጏዙ በኇላ መንግስት መከልክሉን በማስመልከት ለልጃቸው በስርዓቱ መሠረት የቀብር ስነስርዓት ለመፈፀም እንዲፈቀድላቸው የተናገሩት ልብን የሚነካ ንግግር::


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